There is frozen pizza. And there is Buttonmeal.

In 2016 we - a young team from South Tyrol - got the idea of the perfect pizza from the vending machine. We looked for the right partner and tried countless pizza recipes until we had them in front of us, the pizza that was exactly like a pizza should be: the base was crispy and thin, the tomatoes sun-ripened, and the topping applied so evenly and carefully, so that each piece become the best. The perfect frozen pizza. Exquisite local ingredients, real craftsmanship and a recipe that we had worked so hard on until everything was just right.

Since 2017, our pizzas are available throughout South Tyrol in various varieties, freshly baked from our pizza machine, and now also delivered - for firms & private households. We produce our pizza by hand in Pustertal - for our vending machines, for private households and for firms. Completely without chemical additives and with local products. It tastes the same as in your favourite pizzeria.



Our delivery service

Our delivery service Our delivery service Our delivery service

The South Tyrolean frozen pizza with the quality of a pizzeria

A pizza that tastes like your favorite pizzeria? No problem! Our South Tyrolean frozen pizza is in three minutes ready and made from the best local ingredients - by hand. We deliver directly to your home, bar or bakery. 

Classic or ad hoc

You can either order from our variety of pizzas or arrange your pizza according to your taste. Choose dough and extras and we will prepare your pizza individually for you.


You can easily order online, comfortably pay at the delivery. Minimum order quantity: 10 pizzas.


We provide our private customers with a compact pizza oven, so that you can enjoy your pizza even faster. Price 95 Euro.

South Tyrol's first frozen pizza

I’m from Pustertal/Val Pusteria, Dolomites!

The unmistakable taste of our South Tyrolean frozen pizza is ensured by high-quality products from South Tyrol and Italy such as local flour, first-class South Tyrolean mozzarella from Brimi and, of course, South Tyrolean craftsmanship and experience.

We produce our pizza in Ehrenburg/Casteldarne in Pustertal/Val Pusteria and currently offer the popular varieties Margherita, Salami, Hot Salami, Vegetarian Pizza, Ham&Mushrooms, Tuna and Tyrolean Pizza.

New, creative varieties will be added in the future.

Pizza vending machines from South Tyrol

Pizza vending machines from South Tyrol Pizza vending machines from South Tyrol

Pizza 24/7.

High-quality pizza, handmade and with the best ingredients from South Tyrol and Italy is now available 24/7. Our pizza machines prepare your pizza for you around the clock. Simply select and order your pizza, and immediately after payment, press the red button.ance

Fresh out of the oven.

It is freshly baked by means of heat lamps and after three minutes, it is cut from the vending machine and ready to eat. Our pizza vending machines offer space for 84 pizzas and currently two varieties. The machines automatically inform you as soon as there is a need for refilling.

Our service

We offer a complete service for your firm or home, we supply our high quality handmade pizzas and send our qualified technicians periodically for maintenance. In addition, all our equipment is covered by third party liability insurance. Our vending machines are ideal for waiting rooms, car parks, and in front of night clubs (...).